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30 Sep 2014 

[video] Kim Kardashian Attacked At Paris Fashion Week ? Watch The Scary Video - Hollywood Life

The fashionista and reality star got caught up in a scary scuffle as she stepped out of her car to hundreds of screaming fans on Sept. 25. Kim was attacked by one fan, and almostpushed to the ground! Is Kim OK after this terrifyingattack? Kim Kardashian Attacked At Paris Fashion Week WhenKim stepped out of her car at Paris Fashion Week on Sept. kim kardashian surgery 25, she was met by a fan who lunged at her and grabbed her legs, according to a video on TMZ . Kim, wearing pics of kim kardashian a stunning Balmain dress, was shoved into the side of the car and quickly grabbed by a bodyguard, who pulled her to safety. Kims mom Kris Jenner , 58, stepped out of the car after Kim, and was shocked by the attack on her daughter.
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27 Sep 2014 

Kanye West Claims Victory Over ?coinye? | New York Post

Only two of the 12 named defendants have responded. In the past Kim Kardashian sunglasses month, Robbie Hontele filed legal papers saying hes executed a confidential settlement agreement with West and the rap stars company, while another, Richard McCord, said he has an impending deal in place. Following the suits filing, the creators of Coinye a electronic currency they hoped would rival encrypted Bitcoin said they would change the name. Their website even posted a message, COINYE IS DEAD. You win, Kanye. However, ads for Coinye still show up on some online sites. The coins image appears to resemble a cartoon likeness of West, also knows as Mr.

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27 Sep 2014 

James Garner, Elaine Stritch, Kanye West, And The Culture Of Creative Cowardice - Forbes


In a wide-ranging interview about his family life and career, he mentions his Watch The Throne collaboration with Jay-Z and makes a very astute observation about differences in perceived career success between the two men. Its picking up skill sets that give you longevity. Thats Kim Kardashian imdb what I like about Jay. He has longevity. Hes still at the top of relevancy from the way he moves, the way he interacts with people, his ability to brush things off of his shoulder and just win at life. Hes the poster child of winning. And I think I was the poster child of, like, fighting and winning.

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24 Sep 2014 

Patchnride(tm) Will Showcase The World's First Permanent Bicycle Tire Repair System At The Tour Of Utah North American Pro Cycling Race - Yahoo Finance

"The technology behind patchnride eliminates traditional repair methods such as messy sealers, greasy bike chains and wheel removal," says Alexander Deiser, Co-Founder of patchnride. "Virtually effortless to use, patchnride kim kardashian cristiano ronaldo repairs a punctured tire while still on the wheel without any necessary skills, additional tools or preparation. The great thing about patchnride is that its simplicity makes it perfect for a serious cyclist or triathlete as well as cruising types or parents. It's a product that's never existed before, and we're ecstatic to bring it to the market." The uniqueness of patchnride is based on a reusable system of cartridges called patch pods(TM). Patch pods are replaceable and learn more interchangeable cartridges that hold the patch for a tire. After changing a flat, a user simply needs to remove the used patch pod and insert a new one. Thus, the cost to repair is flat is only that of a patch pod refill.

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15 Sep 2014 

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Slammed For Neglecting Baby: North West Nicknamed ?ignori?

with a coterie of nannies, assistants, and security guards. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been criticized from the beginning. Forget the pictures that the paparazzi take of Kim carrying her daughter through the airport or in New York City. Some people have gone so far as to suggest that Kim uses North as a prop that she just carries when its convenient like when the paparazzi is lurking, for to learn more instance. Wheres youre f*cking prop.. err I mean kid? #IgNori #Norphan #WorstMotherEver #BesidesKrisIMean LMFAOOOOOOOOO Marissa Crowley (@Marissax88) June 21, 2014 Kim kim kardashian gallery does have a busy work schedule, so it is understandable that she cant be with her little girl 24/7, but is she actually neglecting the kid? Probably not. People love to criticize others without actually knowing what is going on. But who knows?

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